Vancouver Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Programs

Wellness programs cause changes in the regions of the brain responsible for learning and working memory capacity.

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Enterprise-ready courses to support your employees both onsite, virtually or both. Classes can be provided daily, weekly or monthly.

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Classes are tailored to employees of workplaces in all industries. We help stressed and scattered teams stay together!


All Peak practices are evidence-based, taught by professionals and is deeply rooted in neuroscience.


Classes are designed for people of all demographics. All services are non-religious, beginner and expert friendly and allow for diverse thinking.

What is Best for Your Vancouver Team?

Serving all Vancouver workplaces from tech companies all the way to real estate.

In Vancouver’s busy city, it can be hard to catch a break. Ceridian found that 84% of Canadians have felt burnt out over the last two years.

We are able to provide onsite mindfulness meditation and yoga in your Vancouver office or host sessions virtually for teams who work out of their home.  

Attendee Testimonials

"This was my first session and It was very rewarding. The techniques used were perfect and I really do feel better than I did before the session! I appreciate the clear instructions on how to implement the practices in our daily lives. Sessions should be all year long. They are refreshing and insightful."
"These sessions have been a welcomed part of my week and a good reminder that taking care of myself mentally and physically is key to my well-being and to the health of all relationships in my life. I've been having lots of problems with stress lately, but I felt five times more relaxed following the session. "
"This is professional and practical instruction, given concisely and compassionately by a skilled teacher. It's been an island of peace in my week during a time when it's much needed. I have and will continue to recommend to colleagues, friends, and family. Thank you!"

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