The Top 10 Corporate Wellness Activities in 2022

Corporate wellness is a huge industry and with good reason: according to the Harvard Business Review, for every dollar that a large company spends on wellness, its medical bills drop by around $3.27. As well as being good for your business’ bottom line, instituting a wellness program for employees can have a tremendous effect on your staff’s happiness.

Employee well-being should be one of your top priorities. Happy employees are productive employees: taking some time out for a corporate wellness program could be a real shot in your company’s arm.

Which corporate well-being exercises are worth you and your employees’ time? This is up to you. But, we’ve got a few suggestions for you, as experts in corporate wellness.

Ready to start creating a happier, more relaxed, more productive office? Then keep reading and find out more!


1. Meditation Classes

Meditation classes are a cornerstone of corporate wellness programs and with great reason. Mindfulness has a whole host of benefits including lower stress levels, improving anxiety management skills, and increased attention span.

It can help productivity and improve personal relationships between your employees. Introducing meditation to your company may feel strange at first. But, try it and you’ll soon see the benefits, and so will your employees. These mindfulness classes can give everyone in your company a much-needed boost during stressful times.


2. Financial Wellness Programs

Money is a huge stressor. We’ve all had those times where we had to deal with debt or find the money for an emergency. They’re terrible times and sometimes it can feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn to.

Financial wellness programs can help your employees in a myriad of ways. These programs can help advise employees on their best course of action and help them find a solution to their financial worries, eliminating one of the most common worries in the US.


3. Yoga Classes

Another important aspect of office wellness is yoga classes. Yoga offers a ton of benefits, including improved general health, improved muscle tone, lowered blood pressure, and reduced stress.

We understand that not everyone is going to be able to take part in yoga classes and that people may feel uncomfortable doing yoga in front of others. The solution to this is chair yoga, which is yoga that you can perform while seated or using a chair as support.


4. Mindfulness Workshops For Improved Sleep

A bad night’s sleep is no fun and it’s a huge problem in the modern world. According to research, sleep deprivation is a global problem and one that has profound negative health implications. Mindfulness workshops can help your employees cultivate the right mindset and rituals for a better night’s sleep.

Introducing your employees to these workshops can result in increased productivity and healthier employees, which is better for you and them.


5. Virtual or Onsite Fitness Classes

The health benefits of physical exercise are well-known. Not only can they help your employee’s physical health but their mental health too. Exercise helps employees release stress, boosts their self-esteem, reduces anxiety, and can help ease depressed feelings.

In short, it can help dramatically boost workplace well-being.

During these difficult times, onsite fitness classes may not be a feasible part of corporate wellness due to social distancing and working from home. The best solution to this is virtual fitness classes. These encourage your employees to exercise in the comfort of their home, keeping them fit without having to be near other employees.


6. Mindfulness For Boosting Creativity Workshops

A lot of jobs require employees to bring their creative A-game every single day. These can be roles as diverse as computer programmers to copywriters and sales staff. Creativity is not an inexhaustible well: sometimes it can be difficult to maintain.

This is where a workplace wellness program can help. Mindfulness can help your employees stay creative by clearing their minds of unnecessary worries and intrusive thoughts that may be hindering their work. Mindfulness, when taught by a professional, can help your employees stay in a creative mindset for a lot longer.


7. Mindful Eating & Nutrition Workshops

When you’re stressed out or feeling low, it’s easy to let your most basic material needs go unmet. One of these is healthy eating. Eating badly has profound impacts on your work and your day-to-day life: healthy eating can boost your productivity by up to 20 percent.

A big part of healthy eating, when it comes to employee wellness, is mindful eating. It’s easy to not pay much attention to the food we eat when we’re stressed.

Mindful eating workshops can teach your employees to pay more attention to their diet and to make sure that they get all the nutrition they need on a daily basis.


8. Mindful Stress Management Courses

The modern world is one that’s full of potent stressors that can make us feel stressed out constantly. The solution can be found in unplugging for a while.  

Teaching your employees the techniques that they need to manage and reduce their stress levels leads to happier and healthier employees and bosses. Stress management should be a keystone in your workplace health programs.


9. Mental Health First Aid Training

If an employee had a panic attack or an episode of any other mental health disorder, would you know what to do? If the answer is no, you should get training in mental health first aid for both you and your employees.

Mental health problems are very common and should be taken as seriously as physical health problems.


10. Employee Wellbeing Days

Stressed employees can be less productive than more relaxed employees. Employee wellbeing days are an innovation in healthy workplace programs and function as free time off that employees can use to take a day to recharge.

Try giving your employees one day per quarter where they can relax and recharge without guilt or judgment. It’s their day to do whatever they need to do. You may find that this is too many days or too few, and you can adjust it to meet your corporate needs.


Corporate Wellness is Vital

Corporate wellness is a key priority of keeping your workforce healthy and happy. These programs can ensure that your employees stay productive and stress-free no matter what.

Peak Wellness offers subscription-based corporate wellness programs to companies around the world. If you’d like to use our services too, request a quote here. If you’ve got any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.