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100% Not-Awkward Guarantee

Our Lunch & Learns are specifically designed for the office. Rest assured you will not have to answer your VP’s questions about chakras or crystals. The content is data-backed, non-religious and workplace-safe.

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Peak’s Lunch & Learns are evidence-based and deeply rooted in neuroscience. Skeptics in the crowd? Not a problem. We explain the science behind mindfulness before we meditate. Our meditations are are all based on proven stress reduction strategies.

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Mindfulness meditation training helps employees calm their minds, feel more fulfilled, improve focus, regulate emotions and enjoy their work. Meditation classes are quickly becoming the #1 requested “work-perk” in North America.

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Now Offering Virtual Lunch & Learns

Our mission has always been to create as many mindful workplaces as possible – and now that includes home offices!

With so many of us working from home, you can now support your team with the exact same class, virtually.

Why Our Lunch & Learns Are So Successful

We have Lunch & Learns down to a science — but it wasn’t always this way. We spent 10 months developing a curriculum that perfectly fits a 60-minute Lunch & Learn. Then we taught it! And then we tweaked it. And then we taught it again and again and again.

Today we are confident that we have developed the best Lunch & Learn format out there. Our sessions are a magic combination of education, meditation and humor.

Finally, Meditation For The Office That Isn't Awkward

So you have been tasked with bringing some mindfulness training to your office! Exciting! The only thing is, how do you decide who to let into the office?

Mindfulness training is still an emerging industry in the world of Corporate Wellness. That’s why we have developed a program specifically for the workplace. It’s all we do. And hey, we’re pretty good at it too.

What Is The Typical Lunch & Learn Format?

We’re glad you asked! Of course, we are able to tweak the format to fit your team’s needs and time-constraints but the magic formula is:

1-Hour Lunch & Learn Format

5-Minute Mini-Meditation

40-Minute Educational Presentation (The “Learn”)

15-Minute Meditation (from the comfort of your chair, no special clothing required!)

Q & A

Bonus: Customize Your Session For Free

“Mindfulness 101” is our number-one-bestseller-most-popular Lunch & Learn theme ever — but that’s not all we’ve got! We have over a dozen additional themes to customize the session to fit the exact outcome your organization is looking for. These themes include, Mindfulness for Managers, Mindfulness For Increased Creativity, Mindfulness For Work-Life Balance, even Mindfulness for Improved Sleep! Bonus: customizing your content is free.

*A Special Note For Large Organizations

We try not to toot our own horn but we really should mention that we are still the only vendor who can deploy lunch & learns across multiples offices and cities!

This is because we have talented facilitators that are certified in the Peak Technique across the continent.

If you’re looking for a large-scale deployment, we are here for you! Plus we offer some significant volume discounts.

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Is there a minimum number of attendees?

No! Well, at least one person is ideal.

Is there a maximum number of attendees?

 If there is, we haven’t hit it yet! We can teach a Lunch & Learn in a small boardroom or huge auditorium. As long as everyone has a chair to sit on, we will be there. 

Do we need any special equipment?

Nope, no special equipment or clothing is required. All of our exercises are done from the comfort of an office chair.

Do you help with promotional materials?

Yes we do! We can provide some messaging for your internal marketing. We even have a page dedicated to email templates for you to use.