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Mindfulness meditation classes are the most requested "work-perk" of 2020

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Virtual classes are an extremely cost-effective form of corporate wellness training

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Employees can watch sessions live or pre-recorded

Live Virtual Meditation Classes

Live meditation classes allow your teammates to meditate together, even if they are apart!

Virtual meditation classes are a great way to support your employee’s mental health, even if they are working from home.

Our 30-minute classes are our most popular, followed by 45-minute and 1-hour classes.

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Pre-Recorded Training Courses

Enterprise-ready, pre-recorded courses can help to support your employees, whenever it makes sense for them!

Currently our most popular course is 4-sessions long and focuses on: Reducing Worry, Staying Connected While Apart, Managing Stress and Building Resilience.

Courses include printable worksheets and resources.

Custom, branded programs are also available.

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Live Virtual Workshops & Training

All of our most popular onsite training workshops and courses are now available online!

1-Hour, live, video courses allow employees to learn and engage with one another and ask the trainer questions!

Simply choose a topic, a date, and we handle the rest:

Introduction To Mindfulness
Mindfulness For Reducing Stress & Worry
Mindfulness For Creativity
Mindfulness For Teams Working From Home

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Mindfulness meditation is especially valuable in times when companies have found their employees stressed and scattered.

In an effort to support more people working from home, we have put together engaging, virtual training options and courses.

Our mission is to:

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FAQs About Corporate Mindfulness Programs​

What is corporate mindfulness meditation?

Corporate mindfulness meditation is an evidence-based technique for reducing stress and preventing burnout.

Peak’s workshops focus on the science of mindfulness and how to use it to reduce stress in the office and at home.

The mindfulness meditation techniques we teach are secular (non-religious) and deeply rooted in neuroscience.

Meditation is one way of practicing mindfulness in the workplace but not the only way!

Peak’s lessons also offer other methods to manage stress such as mindful time management skills, tools for improving sleep and techniques to reduce day-to-day stressors.

What will this do for my employees?

Oh, where to begin! Let’ start with the big ticket items:

  • After one meditation session participants report elevated mood, reduced stress and increased mental clarity (essential to productivity)
  • Mindful employees are better equipped to handle day-to-day stress without taking a leave of absence or pushing themselves until burnout
  • Virtual meditation classes are a great way to support your employee’s mental health, even if they are woking from home
  • After a 5-week course, participants cite an improved ability to focus and feel happier at work
  • Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation works to increase creativity and problem-solving skills
  •  Mindfulness meditation is the most in-demand “work perk” of 2020

Do my employees need cushions or candles or crystals because I don't know how I feel about that...

Nope, nope and nope. The guided meditations we teach can all take place in regular chairs, in a regular office setting like a boardroom or from the comfort of home.

No crystals, candles or mountaintops required – we’ll be focusing on building a data-backed cognitive toolkit that can be used anywhere.

The language we use is 100% office-friendly, easy to understand and non-religious.

What will this do for my bottom line?

  • $798 is an estimate of the amount lost per year, per employee due to stress-related absences
  • Individuals who have participated in mindfulness programming take leaves of absence
  • Individuals who complete mindfulness training are more collaborative, improve communication between cross-functional teams
  • Mindfulness practices contribute to a more inclusive workplace
  • Mindful employees improve morale
  • Employees with a regular mindfulness meditation practice have lower levels of absenteeism (and presenteeism!)
  • Often employees value workplace wellness efforts over salary
  • Employees remain loyal to companies invested in their health
  • Mindfulness meditation is a critical part of a holistic corporate wellness plan and is being widely adopted throughout tech, finance, law and other high-stress environments

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