New York City Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Programs

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Brain-Boosting Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation training helps employees calm their minds, feel more fulfilled, improve focus, regulate emotions and enjoy their work.

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Proven Stress Reduction Practices

Peak practices are all based on data-backed techniques and proven stress reduction strategies. All Peak practices are evidence-based and deeply rooted in neuroscience.



Mindfulness meditation is an extremely accessible tool for your body and your mind. The range of workplace benefits is vast, from improving focus to reducing stress leaves.

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Meditation & Mindfulness For The Office

We know that New York never slows down. Your employees need some relief from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Invest in your staff and their mental health through our Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness programs in New York City. 


Corporate Mindfulness Workshops


Onsite Corporate Meditation Classes

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Keynote Speaking & Leadership Coaching

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4-Week Mindful Manager Course

NYC's Top Corporate Mediation Teachers

Kayla Kozan

Peak WELLNESS Founder & CEO

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Proudly Serving All Neighborhoods In NYC

From Wall Street to Brooklyn to Queens, Peak Wellness provides corporate meditation and mindfulness programs all over New York City.

We are able to provide onsite mindfulness meditation programs without your staff leaving your office. 

Learning in a familiar environment leaves everyone
more comfortable and able to apply their lessons to their everyday lives.

In NYC, The Stress Is Real

Many working professionals in New York City find themselves working long, stressful hours, sometimes well into the night. 

Turns out, New York City is home to the longest average workweek of 116 cities. With all of these professionals feeling the everyday stressors of their jobs, burnout is high. 

Burnout is commonplace in the US workforce, with 1 in 5 highly-engaged employees at risk of burnout. Imagine what the statistics are among the highly competitive, driven, and ambitious workforce of New York City. 

In a place where business never stops, it’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed and lose sight of their mental health. 

With new generations come new shifts in workforce needs and wants, and millennials have made it clear that they want an employer who has their mental health in mind

Millennials want employers with health and wellness benefits. Especially in a city like New York with strenuous professional demands, wellness and meditation programs will help your company to retain and attract the best talent.


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