Work-Life Balance

Mindfulness For Work-Life Balance

Class Description

This class explores the concept of work-life balance and how to develop it mindfully.

We’ll take a look at two data-backed strategies for improving work-life balance, even when working virtually! Learn how to use mindfulness to determine what is most important to you.

Class Structure

  • 10% Opening mini-meditation
  • 40% Educational content
  • 10% Reflection
  • 40% Extended closing meditation

Most Popular Class Formats

  • 30-Minute Webinar
  • 60-Minute Webinar
  • 30-Minute Onsite
  • 60-Minute Onsite

Learning Objectives

  • After this session attendees will have a framework for determining what helps them feel “balanced” and healthy
  • Attendees will have a framework for balancing work and home commitments while making time for their own wellbeing
  • Attendees will learn two great meditation techniques to use at work and at home

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