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What Is A Mindful Manager?

Mindful leaders have a few things in common:

  • A dedication to the health and wellbeing of their employees
  • Focus on employee experience
  • Commitment to reducing occupational burnout
  • A forward thinking approach to employee health
  • A desire to invest in their leadership skills

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Mindful Manager Virtual Course FAQ

How much does it cost to join the waitlist?

  • Joining the waitlist is free! 

When is the next course being offered?

  • Fall 2020

Who can take the course?

  • All levels of management can benefit from this training, whether you’re the CEO or only manage one direct report

How long is the course?

  • Each Mindful Manager course spans four weeks

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“You can’t force people to be mindful at all… I think you can make it easier to be mindful. If it’s on your calendar, and there’s a room over there to sit in and there’s someone there to guide you, you’re 10,000 times more likely to do it.”
– Evan Williams, 
Co-Founder, Twitter