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High Growth Teams

High growth teams are always in a state of change. This fast-paced way of working can be thrilling but also overwhelming for some employees. High growth teams need to invest more into employee wellbeing.

Unparalleled Screen Time

Employees at tech companies regularly clock over 11 hours per day of screen time, which has many physical and mental side effects. It's time to unplug.

Mental Health Challenges

One in five people have a diagnosable mental health condition. This number is believed to be higher in startup environments. Do your employees have the tools they need to stay healthy?

Skyrocketing Burnout

57% of employees at tech companies reported suffering from job burnout. Is over half your office struggling with their to-do lists and time management?

Mindfulness that comes to you

Meditation classes help employees reduce stress, feel more fulfilled, improve focus and enjoy their work.


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