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Mindfulness Meditation Classes
For Students & Teachers


Improved Morale

46% of Teachers report high daily stress. Stressed out teachers can lead to lower performance by students.

Mindfulness training can reduce anxiety and depression, making teacher more satisfied and improving student achievement!

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Teach New Skills

Mindfulness is a great new skill to teach students.

They will be able to use our techniques to lower stress and improve performance throughout the rest of their academic and professional career.


Expert Facilitators

All of our trainers are certified in the Peak Technique. 

The Peak Technique is an evidence-based method for teaching mindfulness and yoga within organizations like schools.


Simple Booking & Billing

Let’s keep things simple! Peak streamlines billing by offering a number of different services under our education wellness umbrella. Working with one vendor simplifies booking and payments.

Onsite Mindfulness For Schools

Busy students can struggle to maintain a regular mindfulness practice at home, so we bring mindfulness to them – at school! Meditation helps students (and teachers!) reduce stress, feel more fulfilled, improve focus and enjoy their time at school. 

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Meditation Fosters critical thinking

One of the best skills that educators can instill in students is the ability to think critically.  

Creative thinking and problem solving skills can be improved with as few as 10 minutes of meditation. 

Better Mental Health, better Students

In the high-stress school environment, mindfulness meditation can result in a reduction in anxiety and improved attention in the classroom. 

With regular meditation, students can learn to manage their stress levels and improve their mental health.

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Virtual Mindfulness Workshops
For Teachers & Students

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Onsite Or Virtual Meditation Classes

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Lunch n' Learns On Mindfulness & Mental Health

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Keynote Speaking For Events & Socials

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