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The Unique Needs Of Lawyers & Law Firms

High-Pressure Environments

Over 80% of lawyers claim they have experienced, “being under too much mental pressure” within the last month. High stress levels often trigger both mental and physical illnesses.

Long Hours

Research shows that working over 50 hrs/week significantly increases risk of insomnia, depression, heart disease and burnout. It might be time to unplug.

Mental Health Challenges

Lawyers are 3.6x as likely to suffer from depression as non-lawyers and twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Do your employees have the tools they need to stay healthy?

Skyrocketing Burnout

Compared to other professional careers, law professionals experience exceedingly high levels of occupational stress and work-related burnout. Make sure your employees have time to unwind.

Mindfulness that comes to you

​Many people struggle to maintain a regular mindfulness practice at home, so we bring mindfulness to them – at work! Meditation helps employees reduce stress, feel more fulfilled, improve focus and enjoy their work.


Mindfulness Meditation & The Law

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