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Mindfulness Meditation Classes
For Coworking Spaces & Incubators


Expert Facilitators

All of our trainers are certified in the Peak Technique. 

The Peak Technique is an evidence-based method for teaching mindfulness and yoga within the workplace.


Flexible Classes & Formats

The number of workers using coworking spaces is expected to double between 2017 and 2022! 

This huge influx of coworkers calls for more employee wellbeing initiatives.


Improved Morale

43% of businesses believe a good coworking space should foster team building and collaboration. 

Mindfulness training brings coworkers together, even from different companies!


Central Booking & Billing

Let’s keep things simple! Peak streamlines billing by offering a number of different services under our corporate wellness umbrella. Working with one vendor simplifies booking and payments.


Shared work spaces, shared Experiences

Companies and Freelancers are looking for ways to connect with other and build their networks. 

Shared experiences such as group meditation and mindfulness can bring your tenants closer together and keep them in your coworking space.

Onsite Mindfulness For Shared Workspaces

Many people struggle to maintain a regular mindfulness practice at home, so we bring mindfulness to them – at work! Meditation helps employees reduce stress, feel more fulfilled, improve focus and enjoy their work.

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More Benefits, More Business

There are many coworking spaces available, set yours apart with mindfulness training and meditation classes.

Many companies these days choose where they call home based on two things, price and perks. 

By providing opportunities to support mental and physical health, your space becomes worth the price premium. 

Mindfulness Workshops
For Coworking Spaces

Onsite Corporate Meditation Classes

Keynote Speaking For Events & Socials

Lunch n' Learns On Mindfulness & Mental Health

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