Peak Wellness is Corporate Wellness on autopilot.

Before Peak, booking Corporate Wellness facilitators was a burden, often passed on to the wellness team, office manager or unsuspecting summer student. Finding qualified teachers was time-consuming and frustrating. Once you finally found and vetted a facilitator for that topic – it was time to find your next one.

With Peak’s Subscription Corporate Wellness model you can book individual classes or book year’s worth of wellness workshops in one day!

All of Peak’s workshops focus on evidence-based practices that are proven to reduce burnout, lower stress and increase productivity.

Our facilitators are experts in their fields, offering:

Peak Wellness is the largest provider of wellness and mindfulness training across North America and one of the few companies able to deploy programming in multiple cities simultaneously.

Many people struggle to maintain wellness practices in their spare time so Peak brings the practice to them — at work!

Start planning your wellness classes now.

Say Hello To North America's largest network of Corporate Wellness professionals.

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