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The most comprehensive wellness catalog on the market: mindfulness meditation, fitness, nutrition, yoga, and more. View our full catalog now!

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Modern Workplace Wellness

Employee burnout is skyrocketing. Wellness classes help employees calm their minds, feel more fulfilled, improve focus, and enjoy their work – even from home!

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Proven Stress Reduction Practices

Peak practices are all based on data-backed techniques and proven stress reduction strategies. All Peak practices are evidence-based and deeply rooted in neuroscience.



Built specifically for corporate audiences. We have translated the principles of mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, yoga, and fitness to perfectly suit the busy life of a working professional. 

Wellness Classes

We help stressed and scattered teams stay together! Our virtual corporate wellness classes were designed specifically for companies with employees working from home.

We have a variety of different 30 and 60-minute classes with themes such as Self-Care, Improving Focus, and Boosting Creativity. An easy way to bring wellness to the workplace.

Custom programming available.

Virtual Chair Yoga & Fitness Classes

With many fitness and yoga studios closed, making time for our physical and mental health is getting harder and harder. Our virtual fitness classes are perfect for teams working from home.

Each class is a mini-morale booster and builds a sense of community.

We have a variety of different 30 and 60-minute classes such as Chair Yoga, Mat Yoga, and Pilates. All classes have been designed to be accessible for all fitness levels.

Onsite Corporate Wellness Classes

Many people struggle to maintain mindfulness and wellness practices in their spare time so Peak brings the practice to them — at work! 

Classes can be provided daily, weekly or monthly. All wellness classes are deeply rooted in neuroscience, non-religious and customized to your business. 30, 45, or 60 minutes.


Founder Kayla Kozan’s, “perfect mix of expertise, coaching and comedy,” covers a wide range of topics including corporate mindfulness meditation, mindful leadership, mental health in the office and the burnout epidemic. 

Kayla speaks virtually and across North America at company gatherings, annual meetings, industry events, wellness days and training sessions!

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